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today, it’s time to play grade the 80s thrash metal/hardcore collection we bought last week to sell at the Punk Rock Record Fair next month!!

just played the Iron Maiden lot and original Venom set, right now it’s Megadeth- “Killing Is My Business” on Combat, next we’ll do the original Slayer and SICK Metallica collection (including the “F***ing Nuts” Live in Netherlands Feb. 1984 2LP + “Acting Like A Maniac” Live at Castle Donington during MONSTERS OF ROCK Aug. 1985 live albums), then Anthrax. the hardcore stuff maybe tomorrow.

as of today we are still looking for a new location for the store. we’ve looked at a few spots but we haven’t quite found a spot that fits although we’re getting close.┬ástorefront or not Bleecker Bob’s will have a table at the Punk Rock Record Fair on sunday June 23. come see uspunkrock!!

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